Sanctuary Kids
        We believe that no matter how old you are God can use you.  There is no greater example of this at The Sanctuary than at Sanctuary Kids.  Sanctuary Kids is our kid's ministry for 2nd-6th graders and is designed to empower kids for service and worship.   The SK team presents life changing messages in very creative ways.  Videos, music, puppets, characters, games and skits are common place in each service.  Our goal is to see God empower the lives of our kids for all that God has form them.

       SK jr. is our children’s ministry designed to minister to our kids 3 years old to 1st grade.  Every moment of Sparks is created to be fun, interactive, engaging, and meaningful.  Some of the things offered to your kids at Sparks are: Music, drama, puppets, characters, age appropriate classes, snacks, games, and more.

Sanctuary Students
        Sanctuary Students was created to present an unchanging message to an ever changing world. Sanctuary Students is more than a Wednesday night youth class, it is an experience. Everything from the music to the message is created to experience the power of God’s Holy Spirit . If you are looking for something different, Sanctuary Students is for you. We have music, drama, small groups, discipleship, games, and so much more. We are here to help students find their place in God’s big plan by revealing the potential that exists inside each of them.  Sanctuary Students is changing the world, one student at a time, by showing the power of God's love to everyone.

20/30 Young Adults
        For the 20-30 year old it’s not always easy to find your place in the church.  With our 20/30 class we look to bridge the gap from youth to adult with this fun, interactive class.  20/30 will help to find your place in God’s plan while juggling the challenges of college, families, and jobs.  Through these studies we will find out our place in God's greater plan and how we transform the church for God's glory.

Young at Heart
        They say that fifty is the new thirty and we agree.  We believe the seniors of our church bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the  continued growth of The Sanctuary. We firmly believe that Seniors play a vital role in our pursuit of God’s vision for the Sanctuary.  If you’re looking  to get together we do it with Sunday morning bible study, monthly outings, and a yearly trip to Gatlinburg; our seniors are always doing something. If you are looking for a place where you can still be a vital part of ministry and experience fellowship with those who are your own age, then come join our seniors.

Sanctuary Choir
        The choir is one of the most vital parts to our Sunday worship. The Sanctuary’s music ministry is a blend of contemporary and traditional music, young and old, male and female.  If you desire to serve in ministry and are looking for a place to sing your praises to God, then the choir might be the place for you.  The choir meets throughout the week for practice.  For times and days check the information board to find all the information you need.

Women of Destiny
        Women of Destiny exists to reach people with the love of Jesus; connect them to a community of believers; grow them toward spiritual maturity while serving others, and to worship God. We want to help women identify who they are, based on their unique nature and in the light of God’s Word and that each woman would understand her heavenly Father’s love for her and that her life has a divine purpose and value. We   desire for them to understand the importance of building relationships with other women to enrich their own lives and grow personally, as well as to help others understand their God-given worth and purpose.

King’s Kitchen
        Who’s hungry?  Are there any cooks out there?  If you like cooking and ministering to people here  is where you belong.  King’s Kitchen is our cooking ministry  at The Sanctuary and this group is one of our most important.  Whether it’s cooking for the annual Christmas Parade, working with Joyce Myers in St. Louis , or disaster relief on the gulf coast following Hurricane Katrina these folks are busy.  If you see your place here then you will never go hungry or without opportunity to be a blessing in the lives of people.

L.I.F.T. Ladies Luncheon
        Ladies if you are looking for some time to get together with the girls and build relationships that help you grow in your walk with Christ.  L.I.F.T. meets every Tuesday at Mama Ree's for lunch at 12:00pm.

Facility Care
        If you are good with your hands and don’t mind putting a little hard work into something then maybe this is the spot for you.  Facility care is a ministry that directly effects the grounds and facilities of The Sanctuary.  Here you will find rewarding opportunities that help to keep the church’s facilities in working order and make each person’s experience at The Sanctuary a beautiful thing.

Sanctuary Food Pantry
        One of The Sanctuary’s most impactful ministries is our food pantry.  We provide food to struggling families who need assistance in providing for their family.  Each month on the third Saturday we open the doors and provide food to more than 200 families in our community. The food pantry reflects some of the most basic principles of the Bible when you love your neighbor and help them in their time of need.  For more information contact the church office at (256) 207-2464.